Book Description

Individuals with an intellectual and/or developmental disability (IDD) are happy with whatever they do. They expect little and appreciate every activity offered to them and, if they’re not so good at what they do, we assume it must be due to their disabilities.  After all, in the world of Special Olympics, the vast majority of athletes compete in sport events at a low skill level compared to their generic (normally abled) counterparts.

In this book I outline what I have learned in recent years working with IDD athletes in BC Canada: that their low skill levels may not be so much due to their disabilities after all, but in fact may be more closely related to OUR OWN low expectations of them and associated sub-optimal training programs. 

This book hopes to adequately convey my revelation that with the proper environment, including our elevated expectations of them and modified training programs, IDD athletes can inspire and perform at skill levels never before thought possible! Moreover, the principles discovered here can also be applied to generic athletes and indeed to all of us, because there are elements to learning that we can all benefit from.

Book size 132 pages             

24 different basic sports programs are available to complement this book  (paper or ebook). These sports are divided in three bundles (summer, winter and indoor sports) and are only available from this website (and not part of this book) as updates are frequent.